Our Core Services (and what we don’t do)

Our core service is providing business valuations and strategic advice for:

  • Succession/estate planning
  • Corporate reorganization, including shareholder buy-outs and spin-offs
  • Financial reporting purposes including:
    • Purchase price allocations
    • Goodwill impairment testing
    • Valuation of individual investments or intangible assets
    • Pricing of employee stock options
  • Mergers and acquisitions, including the sale or purchase of partial interests

We also provide

  • Financial forecasting to help our clients understand the post-transaction company
  • Review of other experts’ valuation reports
  • Determination of relevant discounts for large blocks of publicly traded stock, including blockage discounts and discounts for lack of marketability

We do NOT provide

  • Public accounting services, including accounting or tax services.
  • Calculations of lost profits or damage
  • Real estate valuation services

We are focused on providing valuation and financial advisory services for corporate purposes.

We can assist with special financial projects, especially where there is a need for a user-friendly custom financial model to be left with the client.

For example, we help our clients understand the impact of potential changes in how their businesses are being financed, the effect of dropping a product line, or the how the post-acquisition company might be structured.

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