What to Expect During A Typical Valuation Process

For Starters

  • An initial meeting to determine your needs and the scope of the assignment
  • A cost estimate and a delivery time estimate. Costs and timing will vary widely by firm and level of report required
  • Guidance on the appropriate level of valuation report (calculation, estimate, or comprehensive report/opinion) and a clear explanation of the differences in cost and work
  • Engagement letter (depending on the size of the file) setting out type of report, likely costs, time needed to complete, and steps the valuators will go through to arrive at a conclusion
  • A preliminary list of information required to start the valuation

During the Process

  • Interviews with key management and possibly external advisors (accountants, lawyers)
  • Expect to provide a lot of information, including company history and outlook, past financial statements, projections, tax returns, and details of all amounts paid to related parties including shareholders salaries and benefits
  • You should be given the opportunity to review a draft version of the report to provide feedback
  • You will be asked to sign a “representation letter” confirming that the facts contained in the report are correct to your knowledge and that material factors have not been omitted or withheld

Wrap Up

  • You should be given a signed copy (or multiple copies) of the final report on the firm's letterhead
  • You should pay your bill. Many valuators obtain 50% of the estimated cost as a retainer, and bill on completion of the file, (depending on the time to complete)

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